Half Moon

And then time slowed right down.
All it takes is a feeling
Not even a yearning
Just a kindling.
A glow you thought you’d quashed years ago.
And you tell yourself it’s not as bright as before
And I hope for your sake that’s true.
Carry it with you.
Wear it on your sleeve and hide it in your head,
But do it with pride.
All it takes is a sky
That you wish you could share
But you rather enjoy keeping secret.
A half moon is better than new,
And much as you’d like to fight full
You’re not ready
Not quite yet.
All it takes is a smile,
And are you laughing at yourself?
Dreaming like a child
Drawing where the fancy takes you.
Let it take you.
Let it whirl you
And spin you,
You’re a carousel horse
A kite on a string
A ballerina
The muscles so tight underneath.
All it takes is torture.
Notice every pinprick,
Every second,
Every mouse’s step.
You feel silly, to feel it all again.
Feel it all again
And again
Will you be the one waiting?
Will you be a pack-donkey
For all these years again?
Or will you step forward –
As if there’s something you can do
There’s nothing you can do
We’re never through
Thick and thin, black and blue,
Me and you.
All is takes is a feeling.
And we will never stop feeling.
We wanted to know what would happen
We wanted to skip to the end.
And then time slowed right down.


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