What have I been knitting lately?

I feel like things are getting a bit heavy on this blog, between the forgiveness and the depression and the CFS, so time for some brief light relief before I get back to the more emotional stuff (because I’ve got plenty of that coming up, too. Poor reader!/Lucky reader! – please delete as applicable). And because I have not been doing knitting posts often enough, there’s a lot of projects to show you. This is gonna be a long one. If you read/scroll to the end, you’re officially either a friend or a relation.

The last time I wrote about my knitting, in September 2015, I had just finished an enormous jumper. I was more than ready for some smaller projects that would actually fit in my handbag. Fuelled by memories of a far more experienced knitter at Knit-a-Soc boasting that she’d knitted all her hats, scarves and gloves herself, I decided I wanted to be that knitter too. An unobtainable goal from the start, because my parents gave me a gorgeous blue knitted scarf from Seasalt a few Christmases back, and I wear it frequently, and people always ask me if I knitted it, and I have to say no. Despite all this, the hat plan commenced! I downloaded three different hat patterns to knit from Ravelry over the autumn, along with a couple of options for doing gloves with fingers all by myself. The hats I started and stopped and unravelled and tried again many times over, and I finally finished one, not three, in time for my summer holiday the following year. To be fair, this was a holiday to the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, so a hat was necessary.

As for the gloves, I overcame second-glove-syndrome and knitted both of them, with all ten fingers, and only a few holes. They even sort-of fit me. But if I’m honest, I still prefer to wear my ones from Seasalt. I don’t consider the ones I knitted a waste, because I enjoyed making them and find a bizarre satisfaction in pointless tasks. I didn’t take a picture for this post, because I could not bring myself to wear a glove on one hand and take a picture with the other hand. In my bedroom. In April.


Here, instead, is me wearing the hat on my feet because I am not brave enough to put my face on this blog yet. And yes, I did knit those socks myself. My early attempts at socks all have holes in the heels because I used cheap acrylic yarn that lasts about five minutes if you stand on it (sorry, Mum!). For some reason I got it into my head that cotton was the solution. A friend suggested that cotton might be too rough underfoot, but I persevered with cotton nonetheless. They’re good for the end of a long day when I want a brief foot massage as I walk to the sofa, and then they keep my toes warm as I stay on the sofa for several hours. And I should not have changed colour right at the end. It’s all good learning experience, as my mum would say. I’ll buy some actual sock yarn to knit some new ones for her.


Next: my graduation present to myself. Also, I deleted my Pottermore account which told me I was a Slytherin (outrage!) and took the test again to get Hufflepuff. I considered a bumblebee tattoo, to mark both finishing my degree and getting to know myself a little better, but decided a bumblebee scarf would be a better option. I finished it a few weeks ago, just in time for spring! I look forward to wearing it next winter instead.


Also both in time and vastly unsuitable for spring: my dear friend and successor as Knit-a-Soc president arranged for us to go on a society outing to learn how to spin our own yarn. We loved it – so while her passion for spinning blossomed into a portable wheel and yards of gorgeous yarn, I failed to find the time and my spindle and fibre that I bought off Amazon is currently gathering dust the top of my wardrobe. I’ll get back to it, I promise. Especially since another wonderful friend gave me some gorgeous fibre for my birthday last summer, and I am itching to spin it into something fancy for myself. Recently, the former (as in first in this paragraph, not as in I’m going to ditch her – I hope I never lose touch with her) friend gave me several balls of yarn she’d spun herself, which she said reminded her of me so much that I had to have it. It’s different shades of grey with a little bit of white, and gold and blue glitter. She definitely has a point. I had grand plans for a Katniss cowl, but eventually opted for a much smaller cowl in a honeycomb stitch. Here it is, hanging proudly on the back of my bedroom door, from whence I can admire it until it is cold enough outside to wear it. Also, here’s a close-up I took in a blurry attempt show off the pattern and yarn. You get the idea.


And this brings us up to the blanket. Chronic illness does not pay well, so in an attempt to save money I’ve been trying to use up all the odds and ends in my stash by knitting blanket squares. It’s currently barely even large enough to cover a newborn baby, let alone a bed or sofa, but I thought it’d be interesting to show a work in progress. Maybe by the next knitting post I’ll have finished it. Maybe. Not pictured: I somehow managed to knit three different purple squares in a row, so I’m just about to add a massive purple section, which was not the plan.



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