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Since it’s taken me so long to get round to posting my Exmoor pictures, I thought I’d do another Eden Project and talk about stuff that may or may not be related at the same time. I doubt it’ll be my best writing. But here goes.


So yeah, I went on holiday to Exmoor, which is wildly exotic, given that I live in Cornwall. But it was ridiculously exciting to be somewhere else for a whole week. To walk down new roads, and sit by a different window, and stagger around on my hands and knees looking for deer with my dad and remembering how much I love being outside. This is what I want.


And then we came back, and since then I’ve actually been busy. I love August. We’re still in school-holiday mode. I keep wondering when all this will catch up with me, when the fatigue will kick in – and I can’t say that it hasn’t, exactly, but it’s not been anything like so bad as I expected. Touch wood, and keep all my fingers and toes and eyes crossed. Whatever it is you’re supposed to do with horseshoes.


I don’t mind the first hints of autumn. The second half of the year is always my favourite. Summer, then autumn, then Christmas. Let it rain a little bit, the sea’s still warm. Let me look forward.




Photos: Exe Head, Glen Lyn Gorge, Lynmouth, Withypool, Lynmouth again and Wintershead Farm, all Exmoor, Devon/Somerset, England, and finally a page from my scrapbook. Have a peek at my Instagram @bryonydml for a few more!


One thought on “August

  1. That picture of the farm is absolutely gorgeous. Also, Glen Lyn Gorge – I have to ask – what is that up at the top, with the arch?


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